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Parent Counseling

One of the biggest challenges and joys in life is raising children. It can be stressful and difficult one moment, and a pleasure the next. Often, parents feel that they are on an emotional roller coaster, and end up wondering if they are doing the best they can and if they can possibly meet all of the demands that life has brought their way. Some parents find that familiar patterns from their childhood don't work with this newest generation of the family, that they don't see eye-to-eye with their spouse, or that they need to gain a new perspective. Some struggle with issues of single parenting or co-parenting after divorce.

Many parents are faced with understanding developmental concerns about their children, or with a diagnosed learning, attention or behavioral issue. Their days are filled with managing complicated needs, accessing appropriate therapies, and advocating for services at school and in the community. To complicate matters, typical and special needs children present a "moving target" — once you feel on top of handling one situation, kids move on to the next age and stage, and a whole new set of challenges present themselves.

Basically, many parents are very worried about their kids, wondering whether they will grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive individuals — wondering if they will really be OK.

Many parents can benefit from support with this most demanding role.

Together with my husband, I raised three children, and I have worked with countless parents over the years. I would welcome the opportunity to support you in your parenting journey, to help you develop the tools you need to be a more effective mom or dad, and to help you find the answers that will work for you and your children.

To get started, please contact me via phone, email, or the form on this site for a complimentary phone consultation.